Our Mission

New England Healthcare Internal Auditors (NEHIA) is one of the first healthcare specific internal auditing organizations in the United States. NEHIA’s purpose is simple – provide the very best in healthcare internal auditing education at a reasonable cost.

To better serve this mission, in 2015, NEHIA entered into a collaboration agreement with the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (AHIA). By doing this, NEHIA expanded its ability to offer more education and resources to internal auditors and healthcare professionals of New England.

Annually in December, NEHIA hosts its primary educational conference bringing expert presenters from healthcare compliance, privacy, security, and of course, internal auditing to one conference. Each presentation is an opportunity for presenters to share their knowledge with all levels of conference attendees and for conference attendees to listen and learn best practices from some of the industry’s best. In addition to providing low cost, high quality educational sessions, NEHIA works diligently to connect conference members with each other to create a strong community of healthcare professionals in New England.

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